Mine Water Solutions 2013

Mine Water Solutions In Extreme Environments

April 15-17, 2013 | Lima, Peru


Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments – Mine Water Solutions 2013.

Product: Published book of abstracts with full-length articles on enclosed CD

Language: English

Pages: 105 (printed book of abstracts), 538 (full digital book)

Editors: Jack Caldwell, Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada; Jim Cassie, BGC Engineering, Canada; David Evans, MWH, Peru; Tom Kerr, Knight Piesold, USA; James Obermeyer, MWH, USA; Andrew Robertson, InfoMine and Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada; Shannon Shaw, pHase Geochemistry, Canada; Dirk Van Zyl, InfoMine and University of British Columbia, Canada.

Copyright: InfoMine Inc, 2013.

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