Mine Water Solutions 2013

Mine Water Solutions In Extreme Environments

April 15-17, 2013 | Lima, Peru


Mine Water Solutions conference included 69 presentations. Unfortunately, not all presentations can be made public and published here. The following list includes only those presentations that have been released by the authors for public disclosure. If you wish to obtain the presentations unavailable on this site, please contact the authors directly.


Mine water challenges, technology and solutions. Andy Robertson, InfoMine and RobertsonGeoConsultants, Canada.

Mine water issues in extremely cold climates. Jim Cassie, BGC Engineering, Canada.

Challenges of karst hydrogeology from around the world with focus on mining. Neven Kresic, AMEC, USA.

Climate change: insights to extremes in precipitation for mining activities. Edward McBean, University of Guelph, Canada.


Estimation of project design rainfall using a frequency-pairing approach. Robert Millar, Golder Associates, Canada.

Evaluation of the performance of frequency and chronological pairing techniques in synthesizing long-term streamflow. Cameron Butt, Knight Piesold, Canada.


Hydrologocal contribution from degrading permafrost and rock glaciers in the Northern Argentinean Andes. Lukas Arenson, BGC Engineering, Canada.

Frozen dams in permafrost regions. Megan Miller and John Kurylo, SRK Consulting, Canada.

A method for deriving sub-permafrost groundwater salinity and total dissolved solids. Juliana Martin and Cameron Clayton, Golder Associates, Canada.


Design of a dewatering system for geothermally-influenced underground gold mine. Joanna Moreno, Golder Associates, USA.

Water balance in extreme conditions: application to the Andean High Cordillera. Jordi Guimera, Amphos 21 Consulting, Chile.

Joint use of natural and artificial tracers to determine infiltration process and the hydrogeological functioning of Villanueva del Rosario karst system (Southern Spain). Bartolome Andreo-Navarr0, University of Malaga, Spain.

Hydraulic conductivity characterization of fractured rock at mine sites. James Kunkel, Knight Piesold, USA.

Installation of infiltration gallery at Greens Creek Mine – Juneau, Alaska. Thomas Hanna, Johnson Screens, USA.

Simulation of open pit flooding by incorporating non-linear boundary conditions in 3D hydrogeological models. Salvador Jordana, Amphos 21 Consulting, Spain.


Challenges in tailings water balance analysis – make-up water, seepage and consolidation. Christoph Wels, Robertson GeoConsultants, Canada.

Laboratory assessment of water losses from drying and re-saturation of tailings deposits for mines in arid climates. Eduardo Salfate, Golder Associates, Canada.


Long-term impact of acid mine drainage at the Smolnik pyrite mine on surface water chemistry. Peter Bajtos, Slovak Geological Survey, Slovakia.

Wastewater treatment of high total resolved solids and acidity at the Cerro de Pasco mine site. Tom Rutkowski, Golder Associates, USA.

Application of membrane distillation and solvent extraction for water and acid recovery from waste solutions. Chu Yong Cheng, CSIRO Minerals Down Under National Flagship, Australia.

Breach and decant of an acid mine lake by a eutrophic river: river quality and limitations of use. Clint McCullough, Golder Associates and Mine Water & Environment Research Centre, Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Passive treatment of mining wastewater with a biochemical reactor at the standard mine superfund site, Crested Butte, CO, USA. Tom Rutkowski, Golder Associates, USA.

Denitrification in a sawdust – sewage sludge barrier system in northern Sweden for mine water treatment. Roger Herbert, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Development of a hydrogeochemical model to support closure of tailings facilities at hyperarid mine sites. Ryan Jakubowski, MWH, Peru.

DAZA: Chilean National Program for the Integrated Management of Acid Rock Drainage in arid and semi-arid zones. M. Carolina Soto, Fundacion Chile.


General guidelines for designing stormwater retention ponds in the mining industry. Jose Adriasola, Bechtel, Chile.

Thermal performance of a lined tailings dam keyed into a permafrost foundation. Peter Mikes, SRK Consulting, Canada.

Modeling coupled hydro-geomechanical-geochemical behaviour of leaching pads. Eduardo Ruiz, Amphos 21 Consulting, Peru.

Geodynamic phenomena induced by mining in gypsum karst area near Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia. Peter Bajtos, Slovak Geological Survey, Slovakia.

Mine water management strategies in dry areas of Chile. Mohammed Abdul Samad, Beroe Inc, India.

Hydraulic impacts on the performance of permeable reactive barrier. Aznalcollar case, Spain. Jose Bolzicco, MWH, Peru.