Mine Water Solutions 2013

Mine Water Solutions In Extreme Environments

April 15-17, 2013 | Lima, Peru

352 delegates from 25 countries attended our 2013 conference.

Thank you for such a fantastic response and we hope to see you at the next Mine Water Solutions Conference that will take place on April 12-15, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada

Information on this conference will be posted shortly, please check back.


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Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments is the first in an innovative new conference series that aims to examine and share successes in mine water management in challenging environments. The thematic areas include:

    • Extremely dry settings
    • Extremely wet settings
    • Extremely cold settings
    • Extremely complex hydrogeological conditions (e.g. karst)
    • Extremely challenging geochemistry

The conference provides a forum for presentation and discussion about successful practices that enable responsible mining to be undertaken in challenging environments, while minimizing water use and/or preserving water resources.

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